The Candidate Lartey

I have lived in Denmark for more than half of my life. Actually since 1981, when I came to this country from Ghana in West Africa. I am educated as a farmer with practical experience om farming estates in Havnstrup in Jutland, Assens on Funen and Kalundborg on Zeeland. I took my theoretical agricultural education in Odense. Today I am employed at the Danish Road Directorate in Copenhagen, where I deal with statistics on road accidents.

I am married to Nina and we have three children. Our son Kofi who is 31, and our daughters Nadu and Signe, who are 20 and 15 years old. I have been an active member of Det Radikale Venstre (the Danish Social-Liberal Party) since 2005, where I have sat on the party’s Capital Executive Committee and its National Executive Committee. Today I am a member of the Capital Executive Committee. I have also been polling official and am active as one of the party’s election commissioners on Østerbro.

My political drive and insight comes from my time as chairman of the board of governors of a local school, Kildevældsskolen, member of the board of Skole og Samfund in Copenhagen and a member of the Local Council for Østerbro, where I am head of the committee on children and youth.

I am now running as a Radikale Venstre candidate in the 2017 election for the Copenhagen Municipal Council. This is primarily because of my interest for children and youth in Copenhagen. Not least their educational conditions.

I think that Copenhagen, and thus Denmark, has a good and efficient public school. I think that a public school is principle element in the upbringing and education of children and youth in a dynamic society as ours. School sports is one of the thing, we must concentrate more on in school. I will work for more physical exercise and sports in the public school. It is here we are to create an active generation of young people. Youngsters who through sports get introduced to ”foreningslivet” – Denmarks unique landscape of local associations. This will have great and positive consequences for the Danish society in general.

There has to be traineeships for all young people. The need for skilled workers is on the rise. The number of pupils entering vocational training though is falling. And this is due to the lack of traineeships. Københavns Kommune has allocated millions of kroner to improving the conditions for young people under education. But we must not forget those who are not being educated. We have to make sure they get vocational training. This will depend on a common effort from the commune, private companies and the young people themselves.

Finally, I would like to mention my third key issue: better road safety for children. As a traffic researcher, I know how vulnerable not the least children are on the roads. This I will do what I can to change. All children should be able to cycle to school on safe bicycle lanes and roads. And the schools should have special drop off areas for parents who choose to drive their kids to school. Parents should be able to drop off their children in peace and quiet – and safely.

Finally, we must also make traffic safe for senior citizens. They are soft road users. With my experience from the Danish Road Directorate, where I work with statistics on traffic accidents, I know about its importance. Not only with this, our seniors citizen neglected or forgotten. We need to create financial incentives that provide better opportunities for an aging parent to be cared for by their grownup children instead of placing them in nursing homes. Senior citizens should also have better opportunities to support each other. For example, through telephone chain calls and other actions that will help to overcome loneliness. Senior citizens have a long life experience and can, for example, be more involved in childcare. It will benefit both the elderly and the children.